Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Horizons

Hi - some of you might know me from my Etsy store www.cookiekvintage.etsy.com  I have so many thoughts, opinions, observations, critiques, compliments, and muses about vintage fashion, the trends I see around me, people's aesthetic choices, and how fashion inserts itself into generational divides, that I thought I would try to share them with others.  If not for feedback and connection, then at least for a few good laughs.

In addition, I would like to shamelessly promote my Etsy shop, so you will see my favorite items posted here.  I am also a foodie, a wine-drinker, and a music fan - so I am sure those things will come up as well.

Speaking of a few good laughs - while treasure hunting the other day, I found an original pair of LA Gear sneakers.  I have to admit that I snapped them up with a thumping heart because I know a Gen Y'er out there would covet them as a relic of the long-ago late 80's.  They weren't there for the first go-round!  Isn't funny how the fashion horrors of the late 80's and early 90's are now considered cool and ironic?  What are your thoughts on the 90's coming back?  These will posted in my shop soon.

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