Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mad Men Via Etsy - Betty (Draper) Francis

This season, we saw a very tumultuous Betty.  She was trying to settle into her new life with all of its unique imperfections.  Her new husband, Henry, is about 10 years older than her and has a very conservative job in the Governor's office where he must keep up conventional appearances.  Gone are the days of glamour and glitz that Don’s advertising job offered to Betty, and so is the excitement, unpredictability, and drama that his infidelity brought to the marriage as well.
We see Betty revert to childlike and childish behavior as she is confronted by Sally’s rebellious behavior and her new-found friendship with neighborhood boy Glen.  Glen represents not only a catalyst for Sally’s budding sexuality, but also as a reminder to Betty of her own vulnerability.  She sees herself as an aging housewife with few if any prospects beyond her husband, her three children, and the things they own.
We see her color pallet turn to cold and icy blues, as well as conservative neutrals.  There are almost no opportunities for her to dress up, so most of her clothes are utilitarian this season. 
In scenes where her behavior mimics that of a child, we see her in dirndl style dresses with old fashion full skirts that hearkens back to her 1950’s wardrobe. 

Dirndl Day Dress

In situations where she needs to appear to be in control (visiting Don’s office, in Sally’s psychiatrist office), we see conservative tailored suits. 
Conservative Tailored Suit
Around the house and running errands, she gravitates towards cropped, high-waist wool pants, sleeveless blouses, and casual car coats and capes.  We also saw Betty’s cat eye sunglasses, structured purses ,and silk scarves play a role in her everyday wear.
Wool Cape

Cropped Wool Pants

Casual Plaid Day Dress

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Structured Purse

Equestrian Themed Scarf
Like all characters in the show, we see selected pieces from her old wardrobe recycle through each season.  I really appreciate this small detail as it lends authenticity to the characters.  Although society was moving towards a more disposable attitude towards their possessions, at this time, people still worked hard to preserve their clothes – they darned sweaters, replaced buttons, and made garments last years rather than mere seasons.


  1. Fabulous post! Thank you for including my pants. Betty Draper's outfits are my favorite for sure. I want every single dress that she owns:)

  2. Thanks for including my cape. Love the stylings. That blue sundress is so darling! Love it!


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